1) Northern Scenery, Illustrative of a Tour through Sweden, Norway, and Finmark. I-II.

Drawn on stone by J. D. Harding.

London. Part I Printed for Rodwell and Martin, New Bond-Street, 1823. Part II printed for Rodwell and Martin, New Bond-Street; and R. Ackermann, Strand, 1824. Folio [43,5x34cm]. Original wrappers, PRICED 15 Shillings in the corners. Two portfolios with 5 plates in each, all issued.

Loose with foxing.

Illustrations (not used in the book edition): (1) Mälar Lake, near Tibble, Sweden. – (2) Crossing the Vermelen Lake, Sweden. – (3) The Miösen, Norway. (4) Fall of the Moxa elv, near Stav, Norway. – (5) Approach to the Dovrefield, Norway. – (6) The Dovrefield in Norway. – (7) The Dovre- field in Norway. – (8) Rukan Foss in Telemarken in Norway. – (9) View in the neighbourhood of Drontheim, representing the Skielöbere, or Norwegian regiment of skaters performing their evolutions on skiders, or snow skates, taken during the exercice of their corps, in the winter of 1822. – (10) The manner in which the skielöbere execute their wheels, and ascend, and descend the precipitous declivities of the mountains during their movements.

Label in first portfolio states: «The Travels trhough SWEDEN, Norway, and FINMARK, to the NORTH CAPE, which WORK ther present Scenery is intedned to illustrate, is now published». On an advertising leaf registered in some copies of  Brooke’s «A Winter in Lapland» the following information is given related to the book-edition of «Travels through Sweden […]»: «The first number of the Northern Scenery, illustrative of the present volume, is now published separately. It is intended to be completed in twelve (!) numbers.». We know that only the first two numbers were issued.

Illustrations not used in the book. 

Eiler Schiötz: «Itineraria Norvegica», no. 143***. Extremely rare!

2) Northern Scenery, Illustrative of a Tour through Sweden, Norway, and Finmark.

Drawn on stone by J. D. Harding.

Folio [43,5x34cm]. Bound in identical wrapper as «Northern Scenery I», dated 1823. «I» is removed from the upper corner and PRICED 2 Pounds in the corner.

Portfolio of 19 plates and 10 illustrations (mostly on indian paper, mounted) used in the book «Travels through Sweden, Norway, and Finmark, to the North Cape, in the summer of 1820».

Loose with foxing.

In the standard book edition two plates were hand coloured (not considering the very rare fully hand coloured copies). In this set «The Lemming» is NOT hand coloured.

Not mentioned in Eiler Schiötz: «Itineraria Norvegica», or any other bibliographies. A UNIQUE copy.

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