The First Inuit Newspaper Published in Greenland

«Atuagagdliutit» was established in 1861 by the Danish geologist Hinrich Rink, who believed that the Greenlanders were losing their cultural identity, and that the publishing of a newspaper would be important. From the very beginning Rink had always had plans about publishing a periodical, a sort of newspaper for the Greenlanders. And on January 1st, 1861, publication began. This was an event which had great consequences as this newspaper became with the years invaluable to the Greenlanders who read it. It was called Atuagagdliutit, with a sub title, the whole of which may be translated literally as Reading matter  handed out. Reports of various matter which it will be of interest to hear about, or briefly, Free Chronicle of News. For the first few years Rasmus Bertelsen was the editor with Lars Møller as his secretary and technical assistant. Møller then took over as editor and continued as such until 1922. Atuagagdliutit was really a newspaper run on current lines as its title promised. It was both set and printed by Lars Møller, under his own editorship, with articles from his own pen, with numerous illustrations (often hand- coloured) also by himself, and finally bound and distributed by him. Thus he aquired an almost immeasurable influence in the country. Strange as it may seem, this Greenland paper was something of a pioneer in newspaper as it was one of the first in the world to bring regular letterpress illustrations. Atuagagdliutit’s finest achievement would seem to be that. quietly and gradually it caused the Greenlanders to grow as a people; it welded them together into a whole. Throughout its many years of publication it helped the Greenlanders to develop from a Eskimo community into a people. (Oldendow: The spread of printing. Western Hemisphere: Greenland).

All in all 32 parts in original wrappers, 20 complete year runs and 3 incomplete. Loose wrappers are mentioned below, else there is occasional rubbing to spines the issues are tight and clean though.

1882-83: 1-12. INSCRIBED by the editor Lars Møller. Wrappers frayed and loose.
1892-93: 1-12. Torn and fragile, no text loss.
1905-06: 1-12.
1917-18: 1-12.
1918-19: 1-12. Wrappers loose.
1922-23: 1-12. Wrappers loose.
1924-25: 1-12.
1925-26: 1-12.
1928-29: 1-12.
1930-31: 1-12.
1931-32:1-12. Lower wrapper loose.
1932-33: I-II.
1933-1934: I-II.
1934-35: I-II.
1935-1936: I-II
1937-38: I-II. II lacking lower wrapper.
1939-40: I-II.
1940-41: I-II.
1941-42: I-II.
1942-43: II, lacking I
1943-44: I-II.
1944-45: I, lacking II.
1945-46: II, lacking I.
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