Flowers from Ibsen’s funeral and coffin [1906].

Medallion in glass and silver, presented by Ibsen’s family to those who stood guard of honor at Henrik Ibsen’s coffin. In white leather box, lined with purple silk, Henrik Ibsen’s initials in gilt.

Just a very few of these medallions were made. Each recipient received the medallion with their names engraved on the silver frame.

Literary historian Francis Bull writes in his memoirs «Tradisjoner og minner» [Traditions and memoirs], 1945, page 199: ” In the days before Ibsen’s funeral, I joined the students who stood guard of honor at Ibsen’s coffin in Trefoldighetskirken: each of the participants received a tasteful medallion from Mrs Ibsen with some flowers from Ibsen’s coffin.» Francis Bull’s father, Edvard Bull [1845-1925], was Ibsen’s life doctor at the end of his life and he was one of the main guards [marskalk] of honor at Ibsen’s funeral.

What is exceptional with this medallion in particular, in addition to the intact glass and fine silver frame, is how well the flowers are preserved. They still have a bright blue and yellow colour.

A very rear historical piece in excellent condition!


1) Francis Bull [1887-1974], Norwegian professor in literature. His name engraved in the silver frame. From 1925 he was chairman in the publishing house Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, the same year as the publishing rights of Henrik Ibsen and other central Norwegian writers were ”bough back” to Norway from the Danish Gyldendal.

2) Øyvind Anker [1904-1989], special collections librarian at the University Library in Oslo.

Bull and Anker crossed paths for many years, both being central persona in the field of Norwegian literature in their time. Bull being a close friend of the family of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, the author of the Norwegian national anthem and Anker later in head of charge of the Bjørnson-collection at the University Library. They published several larger works on Bjørnson together.

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